Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Become a Rockstar ?

Many people are searching for how to become a rockstar, but unfortunately, not every them will success. Some of them fail because of they need to know firstly two main things:

That's because to be a rochstar you need to have the popularity beside the successful weapons. So, we explained the main tips and advices to become a famous rockstar, but what is the best tips and ways to be a rock star?

1- You need first to take vocal lessons and to know well how to play an instrument. Right that drums and guitar are the most common instruments, but there are many instruments that you can choose from. You may even use turntables or piano with your rock band.

2- The next step must be the practice, keep in your mind that you can't give up or lose hope. If you feel like you lost your talent, just take a rest and back again imagining in every minutes your fans while you are playing one of your songs.

3- Rock in just one genre, but successful rock stars tend to put their feelings to stretch it out a little. So, you are advisable to compose your own type of songs based on your feelings. If your type is little different, don't worry, it is better than copying and pasting. You can modify it while you are going on.

4- Allow your close friends and a group of people to listen to your music and consider it.

5- Master your voice or instrument. But mastering an instrument isn't the same as building a music career, and knowing the difference will improve your opportunity of success.

6- It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a niche indie artist or a major pop star, the principle is still the same: quantum events jump your career forward, and without them you will stagnate. So, it’s your ability to string together like many quantum events as possible, that will help you making you successful.

7- Focus on the specific big steps that will lead you down the path you most want and think smart because what you do today affects which future, therefore, pay attention to take the right decisions.

8- Be patient, to become a rockstar you will need time. In the same context, you shouldn't consider yourself old or young for music. You need to practice a lot and get your exposure off the charts, This won't happen overnight.

9- Became familiar with the bars and the pubs around you. They can be your first goal.

10- Your problems will get larger when you will be a professional rockstar, so you need to be falling in love with this career.

11- Don't ever give up. Most of rock stars have failed many times, but the difference is that they didn't give up.

12- Save your time and money. The most important thing in rock songs is to be exciting and interesting.
We hope that these few points will help you achieving success to help us this time improving the answer of the question: How to become a rockstar? Good luck.

Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Become Successful ?

Everybody needs to be successful in life, but unfortunately, it's not that easy as things said easier than done. To achieve success in life it requires to face many challenges and distractions which can beat somebody and overcome by another. But how to become successful ?
We have mentioned before in a previous articles which contain "how to become popular" and "How to get popular" the main points that can help you getting popular, and it's known that to become a successful in your life you need to rise your popularity. You may need to take a look to these posts.
Backing to our main topic "how to become successful" there are many advice that you have to keep in mind and pay attention to as a way to create your own opportunities to achieve success in your life that most successful people do:

1- Imagine your success. What means that you need to spend few minutes every day to imagine yourself a successful person. Einstein said that knowledge isn't more important than imagination. Recent studies proved that you can use imagination as motivation to go on and stoke your fire.

2- Trust yourself and believe in yourself and your missions as all successful people do. And on the other hand know that the other people want too to be successful so you need to understand that to get what you want, your goal should not be to trample over them. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “Take the first step of faith, you don’t have to see it you just have to take it”.
3- Avoid doubt and fear and stay positive in your life and you will be surprised how you make your life better and create more opportunities for yourself to success.

4- Know that contrary to what many people think- success is equated with achieving your goals but doesn't guarantee happiness. So keep in mind that you need personal relationships in your life because there are no need to life that everyone dislike you even if you have invented a cheap effective way to treat serious disease. So you have to make good memories along the way of your life to feel happy.

5- Accept that life is unfair. This is the bad truth you have to accept. Many people waste time moaning about unfairness and wishing that if life is better. From now and on, use any situation to make your benefits. For example, the apple that fall down the tree could hit Newton head but instead of crying, he identified the gravity low what makes him till now called the father of physics. Just when you wake up, feel grateful that you have been given another day.

6- Don't make excuses or place the blame on someone or something else. Accepting that something was your fault will help you identifying what you need to change in your life to be better and save your time as you won't fall in the same mistakes again and over again.

7- Don't give up and stay persistent even if you tried ones and twice. Thomas Edison failed to develop a storage battery 10,000 times, and when he asked about it, he said that he have not failed, he have just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

8- Collect information as you can. What means that you need to use all your features as a human creature to study, learn, understand and listen.

9- Create your target and define what success means to you. Everyone see success different than the other, so you have to be realistic and set clear you goals. Without it, you will never the answer for how to become successful in your life or even find the purpose of life.

10- Learn from your experience and avoid your past mistakes. This will analyze the reasons of your failure. In other words, instead of crying over the spilled milk, go and bring some other milk.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

How To Get Popular ?

It looks desirable and glamorous to be respected by your name, to be asked for autographs and to see turning heads of many people as you are walk down the street. But how to get popular and how to become successful?

We have mentioned in a previous article " how to become popular?" that there are many people who get famous and popular by accident, and explained in the same context that there are main steps you have to take to make opportunities for yourself to get famous and popular.

In this article, we will explain the main tips that answer your question about how to get popular. Read them carefully:

1- Be nice and don't try to bully other people to create this impression about you.

2- Pay a compliment on their sweater, pants or shoes without overstatement.

3- Be nice to people who are giving you the cold shoulders or who don't like you, be the first one to volunteer if they need help. This will make them and the other people realize how nice you are.

4- Be extra nice to popular people and to people who are friends to the popular people and be prepared to give help. Being bad with popular people won't make you likable.

5- Don't make anybody notice you doing anything nasty.

6- Avoid squealing all the time, this makes people get annoyed.

7- Smile all the time and act like you are happy to do anything with them.

8- People should respect you as you are, so don't try to be someone you're not. Don't even try to get a brand you don't like to get the other's impression, just be yourself and be unique.

9- Say hi to people even if you don't know, sometimes it makes people know that you are friendly.

10- Don't ever try to ditch your old friends, even if it because of the popular people. This will make a bad impression about you. So if you are dislike your old friends, let your friendship fade slowly and it will not be this bad.

11- Ask for their numbers and that you should do something in a time.

12- Being neat, clean, organized and wearing nice clothes will help you have their interesting look.

13- Staying at home every weekend won't make you cool, so try to appear because the more people see you, the more they will like you.

14- Avoid being nosy and don't ask what, how any why many times. People are getting annoyed quickly from nosy people.

15- Get a reputation and do your best to maintain it. Everybody need to be known for something.

16- Don't lie, on the contrary, you need to do your best to have their confident and trust.

17- Be funny, without exaggeration, people like funny people and it will make them want to hang out will you more. On the other hand, being funny too much will make them think that you are clown.

18- Many people are asking how to get popular think that it could happen overnight, on the contrary, it will take time to become popular, it can take months.

19- Trust yourself and don't be jealous with anyone even if you think that they are better than you. Instead of giving them insult, you can just smile to them or ignore it. People won't like you if you are jealous. So just show everyone that you don't care.

20- Avoid desperation because people feel annoyed and uncomfortable while being with this kind of people.

21- Start a new fundraiser for charity, win some awards and make your time more valuable. These thing will make you desirable.

To get popular, you may need also to be famous. Being famous make people like to hang out with you. So these tips will help you answering the question: how to get famous?

1- Be realistic, what mean that you are not supposed to get popular in basketball if you are just 4 feet tall, even if you are doing your best.

2- Start. It doesn't matter how to start, many popular and famous people started locally. So you are advisable to participate in many events and penetrate, what mean that you may need to sing in a choir if you think that you have a good sound or play in a school if you are good in acting or even join school and colleges clubs.

3- Contact local newspapers and magazines and try to make them interested in making an interview with you.

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How to Become Popular ?

For many people, the public life of the famous seems and looks like desirable and glamorous. You may need to be asked for autographs, to be respected by your name and your reputation and to see turning heads of many people while you are walking down the street. But how to become popular and how to become successful?
In fact, there are many people who get famous and popular by accident, but to people who are asking for tips and advices about how to become popular and famous, there are your guidebook to create opportunities for yourself to see turning heads as you walk down.

1- Select Your Career (Do What You Love).
The first tip you have to make before knowing how to become popular, is to know what you will be popular for? You may like to record duets with a famous singer, you may also like to be a popular chief, become a scientist, become a surgeon, become a professor, become a chiropractor, become a doctor or a surgery, become a lawyer, a football player, a novels writer, a business owner, or even to become a politician. There are uncounted careers you must be talented in one of them. So firstly you need to know that you will not be a popular in a career you don't love, and on the other hand, it will be a very hard to be famous in more than one career. So you have to select what career you will be popular or famous for.

2- Be The Best (Do Your Best).
It is axiomatic that to be popular in a career whatever it is, you need to be the best in this career. So, you have to develop your skills and devote yourself to be perfect in the career you love to be popular in. you just need in this stage to forget the fame and start doing your best to be a fame. Simple. Isn't it? For example, Opera is a very popular because of her extreme dedication to her career, not because she wanted to be popular even if she asked a lot about how to get popular.

3- Read and Learn As Much As You Can (Stay Up To Date).
You may find that an actor in better than another one, but while they are trying to do their best, you may find that the better is disappearing and the other one is continuing. That's simply because the second one is up to date and reading a lot in his field and learning continually. For example, to become popular in writing novels, then you  have to know what kind of novels that people want to read and on the other hand sell well to read many of them with creating new characters, structures and situations that aren't being written before.

4- Be Unique (Be Yourself).
While you are still reading how to become popular, it's very important point to avoid imitation and start creating a unique talent, the talent that will make someone remember you, remember your acting or writing or whatever. Remember that It makes no sense if you copied from a popular person to produce the same thing to the same people. For example if you are trying to be a popular actor, you can't copy from famous actor like Steve Buscemi to display the same thing to people who are interesting in watching TV and who know Steve well, and every career is the same.

5- Find Mentors (Ask For Help).
It is a very good idea to find someone who is better than you in a career and learn as much as you can from him, for example, if you want to become popular poetry writer, then you need to find someone to take his advice and study from him. If you like to be actor, then you will be advisable to watch you favorite actor movies and films to learn from.

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