Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Become Successful ?

Everybody needs to be successful in life, but unfortunately, it's not that easy as things said easier than done. To achieve success in life it requires to face many challenges and distractions which can beat somebody and overcome by another. But how to become successful ?
We have mentioned before in a previous articles which contain "how to become popular" and "How to get popular" the main points that can help you getting popular, and it's known that to become a successful in your life you need to rise your popularity. You may need to take a look to these posts.
Backing to our main topic "how to become successful" there are many advice that you have to keep in mind and pay attention to as a way to create your own opportunities to achieve success in your life that most successful people do:

1- Imagine your success. What means that you need to spend few minutes every day to imagine yourself a successful person. Einstein said that knowledge isn't more important than imagination. Recent studies proved that you can use imagination as motivation to go on and stoke your fire.

2- Trust yourself and believe in yourself and your missions as all successful people do. And on the other hand know that the other people want too to be successful so you need to understand that to get what you want, your goal should not be to trample over them. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “Take the first step of faith, you don’t have to see it you just have to take it”.
3- Avoid doubt and fear and stay positive in your life and you will be surprised how you make your life better and create more opportunities for yourself to success.

4- Know that contrary to what many people think- success is equated with achieving your goals but doesn't guarantee happiness. So keep in mind that you need personal relationships in your life because there are no need to life that everyone dislike you even if you have invented a cheap effective way to treat serious disease. So you have to make good memories along the way of your life to feel happy.

5- Accept that life is unfair. This is the bad truth you have to accept. Many people waste time moaning about unfairness and wishing that if life is better. From now and on, use any situation to make your benefits. For example, the apple that fall down the tree could hit Newton head but instead of crying, he identified the gravity low what makes him till now called the father of physics. Just when you wake up, feel grateful that you have been given another day.

6- Don't make excuses or place the blame on someone or something else. Accepting that something was your fault will help you identifying what you need to change in your life to be better and save your time as you won't fall in the same mistakes again and over again.

7- Don't give up and stay persistent even if you tried ones and twice. Thomas Edison failed to develop a storage battery 10,000 times, and when he asked about it, he said that he have not failed, he have just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

8- Collect information as you can. What means that you need to use all your features as a human creature to study, learn, understand and listen.

9- Create your target and define what success means to you. Everyone see success different than the other, so you have to be realistic and set clear you goals. Without it, you will never the answer for how to become successful in your life or even find the purpose of life.

10- Learn from your experience and avoid your past mistakes. This will analyze the reasons of your failure. In other words, instead of crying over the spilled milk, go and bring some other milk.

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