Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Become Popular ?

For many people, the public life of the famous seems and looks like desirable and glamorous. You may need to be asked for autographs, to be respected by your name and your reputation and to see turning heads of many people while you are walking down the street. But how to become popular and how to become successful?
In fact, there are many people who get famous and popular by accident, but to people who are asking for tips and advices about how to become popular and famous, there are your guidebook to create opportunities for yourself to see turning heads as you walk down.

1- Select Your Career (Do What You Love).
The first tip you have to make before knowing how to become popular, is to know what you will be popular for? You may like to record duets with a famous singer, you may also like to be a popular chief, become a scientist, become a surgeon, become a professor, become a chiropractor, become a doctor or a surgery, become a lawyer, a football player, a novels writer, a business owner, or even to become a politician. There are uncounted careers you must be talented in one of them. So firstly you need to know that you will not be a popular in a career you don't love, and on the other hand, it will be a very hard to be famous in more than one career. So you have to select what career you will be popular or famous for.

2- Be The Best (Do Your Best).
It is axiomatic that to be popular in a career whatever it is, you need to be the best in this career. So, you have to develop your skills and devote yourself to be perfect in the career you love to be popular in. you just need in this stage to forget the fame and start doing your best to be a fame. Simple. Isn't it? For example, Opera is a very popular because of her extreme dedication to her career, not because she wanted to be popular even if she asked a lot about how to get popular.

3- Read and Learn As Much As You Can (Stay Up To Date).
You may find that an actor in better than another one, but while they are trying to do their best, you may find that the better is disappearing and the other one is continuing. That's simply because the second one is up to date and reading a lot in his field and learning continually. For example, to become popular in writing novels, then you  have to know what kind of novels that people want to read and on the other hand sell well to read many of them with creating new characters, structures and situations that aren't being written before.

4- Be Unique (Be Yourself).
While you are still reading how to become popular, it's very important point to avoid imitation and start creating a unique talent, the talent that will make someone remember you, remember your acting or writing or whatever. Remember that It makes no sense if you copied from a popular person to produce the same thing to the same people. For example if you are trying to be a popular actor, you can't copy from famous actor like Steve Buscemi to display the same thing to people who are interesting in watching TV and who know Steve well, and every career is the same.

5- Find Mentors (Ask For Help).
It is a very good idea to find someone who is better than you in a career and learn as much as you can from him, for example, if you want to become popular poetry writer, then you need to find someone to take his advice and study from him. If you like to be actor, then you will be advisable to watch you favorite actor movies and films to learn from.

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