Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Become a Rockstar ?

Many people are searching for how to become a rockstar, but unfortunately, not every them will success. Some of them fail because of they need to know firstly two main things:

That's because to be a rochstar you need to have the popularity beside the successful weapons. So, we explained the main tips and advices to become a famous rockstar, but what is the best tips and ways to be a rock star?

1- You need first to take vocal lessons and to know well how to play an instrument. Right that drums and guitar are the most common instruments, but there are many instruments that you can choose from. You may even use turntables or piano with your rock band.

2- The next step must be the practice, keep in your mind that you can't give up or lose hope. If you feel like you lost your talent, just take a rest and back again imagining in every minutes your fans while you are playing one of your songs.

3- Rock in just one genre, but successful rock stars tend to put their feelings to stretch it out a little. So, you are advisable to compose your own type of songs based on your feelings. If your type is little different, don't worry, it is better than copying and pasting. You can modify it while you are going on.

4- Allow your close friends and a group of people to listen to your music and consider it.

5- Master your voice or instrument. But mastering an instrument isn't the same as building a music career, and knowing the difference will improve your opportunity of success.

6- It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a niche indie artist or a major pop star, the principle is still the same: quantum events jump your career forward, and without them you will stagnate. So, it’s your ability to string together like many quantum events as possible, that will help you making you successful.

7- Focus on the specific big steps that will lead you down the path you most want and think smart because what you do today affects which future, therefore, pay attention to take the right decisions.

8- Be patient, to become a rockstar you will need time. In the same context, you shouldn't consider yourself old or young for music. You need to practice a lot and get your exposure off the charts, This won't happen overnight.

9- Became familiar with the bars and the pubs around you. They can be your first goal.

10- Your problems will get larger when you will be a professional rockstar, so you need to be falling in love with this career.

11- Don't ever give up. Most of rock stars have failed many times, but the difference is that they didn't give up.

12- Save your time and money. The most important thing in rock songs is to be exciting and interesting.
We hope that these few points will help you achieving success to help us this time improving the answer of the question: How to become a rockstar? Good luck.

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