Thursday, November 28, 2013

How To Get Popular ?

It looks desirable and glamorous to be respected by your name, to be asked for autographs and to see turning heads of many people as you are walk down the street. But how to get popular and how to become successful?

We have mentioned in a previous article " how to become popular?" that there are many people who get famous and popular by accident, and explained in the same context that there are main steps you have to take to make opportunities for yourself to get famous and popular.

In this article, we will explain the main tips that answer your question about how to get popular. Read them carefully:

1- Be nice and don't try to bully other people to create this impression about you.

2- Pay a compliment on their sweater, pants or shoes without overstatement.

3- Be nice to people who are giving you the cold shoulders or who don't like you, be the first one to volunteer if they need help. This will make them and the other people realize how nice you are.

4- Be extra nice to popular people and to people who are friends to the popular people and be prepared to give help. Being bad with popular people won't make you likable.

5- Don't make anybody notice you doing anything nasty.

6- Avoid squealing all the time, this makes people get annoyed.

7- Smile all the time and act like you are happy to do anything with them.

8- People should respect you as you are, so don't try to be someone you're not. Don't even try to get a brand you don't like to get the other's impression, just be yourself and be unique.

9- Say hi to people even if you don't know, sometimes it makes people know that you are friendly.

10- Don't ever try to ditch your old friends, even if it because of the popular people. This will make a bad impression about you. So if you are dislike your old friends, let your friendship fade slowly and it will not be this bad.

11- Ask for their numbers and that you should do something in a time.

12- Being neat, clean, organized and wearing nice clothes will help you have their interesting look.

13- Staying at home every weekend won't make you cool, so try to appear because the more people see you, the more they will like you.

14- Avoid being nosy and don't ask what, how any why many times. People are getting annoyed quickly from nosy people.

15- Get a reputation and do your best to maintain it. Everybody need to be known for something.

16- Don't lie, on the contrary, you need to do your best to have their confident and trust.

17- Be funny, without exaggeration, people like funny people and it will make them want to hang out will you more. On the other hand, being funny too much will make them think that you are clown.

18- Many people are asking how to get popular think that it could happen overnight, on the contrary, it will take time to become popular, it can take months.

19- Trust yourself and don't be jealous with anyone even if you think that they are better than you. Instead of giving them insult, you can just smile to them or ignore it. People won't like you if you are jealous. So just show everyone that you don't care.

20- Avoid desperation because people feel annoyed and uncomfortable while being with this kind of people.

21- Start a new fundraiser for charity, win some awards and make your time more valuable. These thing will make you desirable.

To get popular, you may need also to be famous. Being famous make people like to hang out with you. So these tips will help you answering the question: how to get famous?

1- Be realistic, what mean that you are not supposed to get popular in basketball if you are just 4 feet tall, even if you are doing your best.

2- Start. It doesn't matter how to start, many popular and famous people started locally. So you are advisable to participate in many events and penetrate, what mean that you may need to sing in a choir if you think that you have a good sound or play in a school if you are good in acting or even join school and colleges clubs.

3- Contact local newspapers and magazines and try to make them interested in making an interview with you.

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